Single Maths A Level

I have taught over 10 Single Maths A Level classes in my career, including 6 classes since the change to the new specification in 2018. I have taught all parts of the course and have an in-depth knowledge of the specification.

My sessions will naturally vary depending on the pupil but I place a strong emphasis on developing "fingertip knowledge" - important facts that make the whole course much more accessible once these are internalised and ready to be called upon at any time. I also recognise how essential it is to continually recap previous knowledge; there is a wide variety of methods that pupils need to be confident with and without systematically revisiting this material it can be very difficult to keep on top of.

Further Maths A Level

From September 2023, I will be teaching at Lancaster University School of Mathematics - a school dedicated to delivering quality Further Maths teaching to all of its pupils.

I have already developed a vast range of experience teaching Further Maths - having taught across the Pure, Mechanics, Discrete and Statistics branches of the course.

I have taught some top mathematicians (including several who have gone on to study Maths at Oxbridge) but also have supported those who have found the course more challenging and for 3 years at Westminster School took responsibility for helping pupils who needed more individual support outside regular lesson time.

I will provide clear advice for how any pupil can improve - this will include reteaching past topics where necessary, alongside carefully planned revision to strengthen recall and provision of resources to futher aid independent study.