Useful links for A Level

  • Single Maths and Further Maths Past Paper Questions by topic - an excellent resource with old past paper questions suitable for the new specification all organised by topic.
  • MadAsMaths - the "Maths Booklets" section has excellent, challenging topic-specific questions and the "I.Y.G.B. Practice Papers" have a wealth of resources to help exam preparation.
  • Physics and Maths Tutor - a well-organised selection of past A Level papers.

Useful links for Years 7-11

  • Dr Frost Maths - a website that is great for practising specific methods and getting immediate feedback via the automatic marking. It also has some good explanatory videos.
  • Corbett Maths - if you are preparing for GCSE then the "5 a day" sheets are great for recapping a whole mix of ideas. There are also topic specific worksheets with answers.